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First time seeing this site, where is my store-balance?

Welcome to our new site!

You still have your shop balance, but you will need to contact us. In livechat or in discord. 

PennyPlace is still owned by the same people, but we moved to a new and better platform.

Please contact us with your old pennyplace account email and we will setup your balance. You did not lose a cent!

Are you guys scammers?

What if I say yes? Joking lol

– We have been around for over 3 years, scammers never last. That proves something.

– We have thousands of happy customers, join our discord server to get in contact with them.

– We will ALWAYS refund a customer if we can’t deliver a product like we described.


We are not scammers, we are one of the most trusted shops out there!


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Crypto and Cashapp for all people.

We accept PayPal and Card for people who have already bought something from us in the past. Visit for more information. If you are not a customer, but would like to pay with Paypal or Card; contact us. We can probably work something out.

All payments are fully automated! Even getting access to PayPal and Card is automated!


Can I resell from you guys?

Yes! You are free to resell our products and do whatever you want with them.


If you buy a lot from us, you can even get your own reseller coupon meaning you can buy things from all of our shops for even cheaper. Contact us for this please. Discounts can go up to 30%!


How does your affiliate program work?

You can earn money by referring people to our stores! Go to our one of our shop pages and press the login button on the top right. Once you’re logged in you can see your account balance and your referral codes.

For every sale a customer makes with your referral code you get 15% of that order in account balance! You can spend this account balance on everything on our stores without any fees. It is synced through all of our shops automatically.

How does your store balance work?

You can buy storebalance on our sites to be used on our products.

Storecredit won’t expire and can’t be refunded. If you ordered something with storecredit and you are eligible for a refund, normal terms apply. Meaning that would be refundable in crypto.

It does not matter how you buy/earn this balance. So you can buy it on the account page or the customer paypal and card gateway.

Storebalance you buy with PayPal/Card is synced through all of our services. Storebalance you buy on our sevice specific sites is not synced. However, you can always contact us to transfer balance from one service to another.

Do you have a good support team?

We try our absolute best to reply to your ticket (on discord and livechat) as fast as possible. Our reply time on average is ~3 hours. 

Got another question?

Please check our service specific sites, the links can be found above. Your question is most likely answered there. 

In case it’s not, please contact us in the livechat on this site or in our discord server. Discord generally has better reply times.